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> I have a mail server running Exim 4.21 and Cyrus 2.1.17.
> I use sasldb2 for the passwords. This requires a client that knows

why would you say that? Most mechanisms work with sasldb ... we don't use 
Exim but Sendmail, but that shouldn't be relevant.

> I have Exim setup to use the same sasldb2 database for SMTP
> authentication, as well.
> So far this has been fine because my clients have been *force-fed*
> Thunderbird and Squirrelmail as clients and they both understand CRAM-MD5.
> Now, I will have 30 more users moving over to this mail server, but they
> ALL use Outlook Express, and I know that OE does not do CRAM-MD5.
> Obviously I do not want to start using local user passwords AND sasldb2
> passwords for all these users (and more to follow). Also, I have to make
> a decision and deploy it by July 1st.
> So, my options that I see are:
> 1.   Force them all to use Thunderbird.
> 2.   Use local user accounts and passwords for all of them and use TLS to
> secure the PLAINTEXT logins. I already have TLS configured.

You should do that anyway.

> 3. *Somehow*, configure Cyrus and Exim to allow both PLAINTEXT over TLS
> and CRAM-MD5 logins.

That's the best approach. You might also add NTLM

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