Read-only secondary mail store?

Gerd v. Egidy lists at
Fri Jun 25 17:20:17 EDT 2004

> The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) here in the US requires that we
> keep a copy of all public records (which include e-mail) for 6 years.
> I'm wondering if I should be looking at the MTA level more than at the
> MDA or mail storage level to pull something like this off...

You might want to take a look at the always_bcc option that postfix offers (if 
you use postfix as MTA). That works well. 

A copy on the MTA level is much easier to implement but you won't get messages 
that are written via IMAP. Either you can live with this or restrict the 
users to not store mails via IMAP. But then moving mails or adding to the 
"sent mail" folder is not possible anymore.

BTW, I think this is OT on the devel list.

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