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Timo Veith tv at
Tue Jun 29 07:39:23 EDT 2004

Am Dienstag, 29. Juni 2004 05:48 schrieb John Wade:
> Hi Norman,
> I believe the autocreate quota setting is to allow users to create
> their own INBOX and enable the automatic setting of a quota when they
> do. to quote the imapd.conf man page:
>       autocreatequota: 0
>            If nonzero, normal users may create  their  own  IMAP
>            accounts  by  creating the mailbox INBOX.  The user's
>            quota is set to the value if it is  positive,  other-
>            wise the user has unlimited quota.
> We use this in an automatic provisioning script that allows users to
> activate their own mail accounts.   The script logs the user in and
> then executes the imap command "create INBOX"   the autocreatequota
> feature allows them to do this and sets their quota as appropriate.
> As far as I know this setting has absolutely zero impact on mailboxes
> created by the cyrus administrator through IMAP or cyradm calls.   If
> you need to do this as one step, create a script to create mailboxes
> that will execute both the create mailbox, set quota and any other
> appropriate commands.


is MS Outlook or OE or any other MUA able to create the mailbox and if yes 


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