Vanishing quota information

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Jun 29 10:02:08 EDT 2004

Simon Matter wrote:

>>Do you still have the user folder with their emails?
>>I have seen this as well on 2.1.15, although not as frequently as your
>>seeing.  We have about 800 users and every so often a client does not have
>>any quota information when they view the account in our Client Interface.
>>When we check further their email directory is just gone.  We just wrote
>>off as user error because there was not rhyme or reason for it happening
>>(that we could see).
>>Is that similar to what you are seeing?
> No, everything else is normal. And AFAIK we didn't have this problem until
> recent 2.2.x versions.

Unfortunately, you're the only one to report this (yet) and I can't 
reproduce this, so you'll have to try to narrow down what is going on 
when this happens.

Is it always the same mailboxes, or completely random?

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