how to use saslauthd AND sasldb

Jukka Salmi jukka-asg at
Mon Jun 28 13:34:34 EDT 2004


is it possible to configure Cyrus IMAPd (2.2.6, Cyrus SASL 2.1.18) to
use both saslauthd and sasldb?

The problem I want to solve: some users are stored in Kerberos, some are
in a sasldb. I'd like Cyrus IMAPd to contact saslauthd (for plaintext
authentication with the kerberos service), and, if this fails, to try
to authenticate the user against the sasldb - or vice versa.

Using saslauthd _or_ sasldb (via auxprop plugin) works fine; however,
I don't know to make PLAIN logins work with both mechanisms - in case
that's possible at all.

Help is appreciated!

TIA, Jukka

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