Cyrus MURDER - Frontend server configuration options

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Jun 30 08:55:46 EDT 2004

Greg Pulfer wrote:
> --- Rob Siemborski <rjs3 at> wrote:
>>This is definately the way to go.  It also means you
>>only need to build 
>>cyrus once (per architechure).
> Hmm now I was wondering what about all the
> --with-duplcate-db, --with-mboxlist-db,
> --with-seen-db, --with-subs-db and such which are
> recommended on the following Wiki page

Hmm.  The Wiki needs to be updated to discuss 2.2.3 and later.

> Is the standard configure withtout specifying any of
> these options ok for me ? Or should I add all these
> options to each configure (for backends, frontends and
> MUPDATE master) ?

Depends on the Cyrus version.  If using 2.2.3 or later, the database 
backends are configured at runtime in imapd.conf (the configure options 
are gone).  If using 2.2.0-2.2.2 the default configure options are those 
shown on the Wiki so you don't need to add them.  If using 2.1.x, you 
should add the these configure options with the recommended defaults.

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