Cyrus MURDER - Frontend server configuration options

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Wed Jun 30 08:58:16 EDT 2004

Greg Pulfer wrote:
> Hmm now I was wondering what about all the
> --with-duplcate-db, --with-mboxlist-db,
> --with-seen-db, --with-subs-db and such which are
> recommended on the following Wiki page
> ?

Maybe the WiKi have not been updated, but with 2.2.x the various 
database backends are configurable at run-time in the config file so you 
do not need to specify --with-xyz-db at compile time.  The default 
should be fine for most installation, too.

> Is the standard configure withtout specifying any of
> these options ok for me ? Or should I add all these
> options to each configure (for backends, frontends and
> MUPDATE master) ?

Yes to the former, and no to the latter.  IMHO, AFAIK, YMMV, etc...

The only configure options you will need is --enable-murder, and 
possibly some library location directive (ie. --with-openssl=/blah) 
specific to your setup.

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