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Thu Jul 8 09:19:35 EDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Ken Murchison wrote:

> Its not unheard of, in fact its been done for Cyrus before.  I was paid
> a rather large sum by a semiconductor company to implement the
> altnamespace feature, and Fastmail.fm has contracted me for several
> features, most recently almost all of the new stuff in 2.3.

And in fact I've seen corporate partners with other open source
projects. An example would be Unicon (formerly IBS) and their role
with the uPortal project (www.uportal.org). A number of schools have
contracted them either for deployment of the software in a "turn-key"
bundle, or to help with making certain mods.

When contracted to make mods, those paying for it can then decide to
release that work back into the community, or keep it privately.
Fortunately, it seems like a number of schools in such a situation
have opted to return that work back to the community---way cool!

Then there's the seriously funded, seriously aggressive Sakai project
(www.sakaiproject.org). Not only have they received some big grants
for this work, but there also are a number of schools pitching in
with big contributions. I believe one of the corporate partners for
this is a group called "r-smart". I think Unicon has also joined too.

I think this is an interesting development in open source
contribution, and might help to give it even more credibility in the
corporate IT world.


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