Read-only secondary mail store?

Jim Levie jim at
Fri Jul 30 10:53:02 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 15:25, Lars Peterson wrote:
> I did some browsing in the cyrus-info mailling list archives for a 
> feature I'm interested in and came up with nada...perhaps someone can
> point me in the right direction.
> The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) here in the US requires that we
> keep a copy of all public records (which include e-mail) for 6 years.
> Has anybody ever done something like this before using cyrus imapd? If
> so, how did you do it?
> I'm wondering if I should be looking at the MTA level more than at the
> MDA or mail storage level to pull something like this off...
I've had a requirement to do this for a long time, although I don't have
to retain the email for longer than 30 days. In the past I've used a
modified Sendmail that includes logall (e.g.,
ttp://, but that's a bit of a maintainence
issue so I switched to using the archive feature of MailScanner
( Using either
method, essentially at the MTA level, you'll capture a single copy of
all mail that passes through the server. A nice feature of using the
archive feature of MailScanner is that I automatically get a directory
for each days capture. So it is very easy to move those off onto tape
and very easy to search for a message received/sent on a specific day.
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