Vanishing quota information

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Fri Jul 2 12:25:57 EDT 2004

> On Fri, 2 Jul 2004, Simon Matter wrote:
>> I mean normal operation of the server, no quota call involved.
>> The affected mailboxes are just randmon, it happens now and then and I
>> don't see anything in the logs (I don't have extensive logging enabled
>> on
>> this production server). It's really difficult to find a way to
>> reproduce
>> it - at least now I don't know how.
> How are you detecting that they are missing?  Could we somehow close the

I'm detecting it by running a script which just checks for the existence
of the user.xxxx file in the quota dir. Another indicator is complaints
from users who don't have the quota bar in the webmail anymore :)

> time window on when one went missing a bit and then see if a delivery took
> place or maybe the mailbox was expunged?

That's really difficult because there are usually around 200 - 500 imap
sessions running and the error happens for ~1 users quota / hour.

I'm currently trying to get the error again by running quota and tracing
it. Tracing cyrus master + childrens is almost impossible because it slows
down too much and the volume is too much.

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