Vanishing quota information

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Jul 6 09:07:36 EDT 2004

> Simon Matter wrote:
>>>Simon Matter wrote:
>>>>>>>Simon Matter wrote:
>>>>>>>>q2:open("/var/spool/imap/q/user/442vk/Drafts/cyrus.header", O_RDWR)
>>>>>>>> =
>>>>>>>>q2:open("/var/spool/imap/q/user/442vk/Sent/cyrus.header", O_RDWR) =
>>>>>>>> 4
>>>>>>>>q2:open("/var/spool/imap/q/user/442vk/Trash/cyrus.header", O_RDWR)
>>>>>>>> =
>>>>>>>>q2:open("/var/lib/imap/quota/q/user.442vk", O_RDWR) = 736
>>>>>>>> {st_mode=S_IFREG|0600,
>>>>>>>>st_size=15, ...}) = 0
>>>>>>>>q2:unlink("/var/lib/imap/quota/q/user.442vk") = 0
>>>>>>>>Any ideas?
>>>>>>>I believe we have fixed both issues in CVS.  You need to fetch the
>>>>>>>latest lib/cyrusdb_quotalegacy.c and imap/quota.c
>>>>>>Thank you very much, my most affected server seems to run fine now
>>>>>> with
>>>>>>the patches.
>>>>>Hmm, quota are still vanishing again when running quota -f. So it
>>>>> seems
>>>>>there is still something wrong.
>>>>Just found out they are also vanishing without running quota -f. Just
>>>>normal operation.
>>>Just to clarify, do you mean normal operation of the quota command (no
>>>-f option), or normal operation of the server?
>> I mean normal operation of the server, no quota call involved.
>> The affected mailboxes are just randmon, it happens now and then and I
>> don't see anything in the logs (I don't have extensive logging enabled
>> on
>> this production server). It's really difficult to find a way to
>> reproduce
>> it - at least now I don't know how.
> So this problem has magically gone away?

No, not really.
There were two independant quota bugs in my cyrus-imapd rpms. The first
was from the cyrus-imapd sources, which you have fixed in CVS and I
included the patch into the rpms. The second was in a patch I include in
the rpms which is not part of the cyrus distribution. This patch has also
been fixed by it's author and I updated the rpms this morning. In the end
everything seems to work fine now.


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