MURDER or IMAP proxy solution ?

Greg Pulfer mlnospam at
Thu Jul 1 16:04:05 EDT 2004

--- Rob Siemborski <rjs3 at> wrote:

> At the time that the document to which you refer was
> written, it had 
> also received substantially more testing, this is
> not really the case any 
> longer.

You mean that documentation is a bit outdated nowadays

> 200 mailboxes is nothing.  In your case I'd start
> with just a single imap 
> machine, and decide how to grow later if you need
> that.  If you start with 
> cyrus, its probably about equivilantly easy to move
> to an aggregator 
> system as it is to move to a normal proxy system.

That's true 200 mailboxes is nothing but it will grow
rapidly and I was thinking if I already configure my
site with a MURDER configuration I will have less work
after adding extra backend server or frontend servers.
I  would like to start with one frontend server (also
running the MUPDATE server) and one backend server.
And pretty soon I should be adding a second backend
server. Don't you think it's less work for the future
if I already start with a mini MURDER configration ? I
really would like to be able to scale rapidly when
needed. Also when we will have two backend servers
then if one crashes there is still the other where we
could quickly restore the mail dbs while reinstalling
a new backend server and also only half off the
mailboxes will be down for example, that's also
another great advantage... Well for us that
MURDER/Aggregation architecture looks very promising
that's also why we want to use it.


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