Cyrus IMAP, sendmail and LDAP

Wil Cooley wcooley at
Wed Jul 7 20:00:42 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 15:51, AJ wrote:
> Thanks.  I have reviewed the sendmail page numerous times, but my 
> question is what is the difference between the way I have things set up 
> now, i.e just using cyrus as a local mailer, as opposed to ldap_routing.
> I am not sure why one would go one way or the other, just trying to clarify.

If you use LDAP routing (or any other form of recipient verification)
you can reject bogus messages during the SMTP conversation.  Puts less
work on your server and your postmaster, because he doesn't have to deal
with the double-bounces caused by viruses and spammers sending mail to a
non-existent address from a non-existent address.

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