Cyrus IMAP, sendmail and LDAP

AJ aj at
Thu Jul 8 13:54:50 EDT 2004

  Thanks, everything is up and running now, but I have one final question...
Is it possible for sendmail to check the alias file or virtusertable before
doing an ldap lookup.  I am not ready to move these into ldap and I want to
preserve them.

Thanks again for all of your help.


Quoting John Andrews <johna at>:

> You will want to have something similar to this for ldap_routing.
> FEATURE(`ldap_routing', `ldap -1 -T<TMPF> -v mailHost -k
> (mailLocalAddress=%0)', `ldap -1 -T<TMPF> -v mailRoutingAddress -k
> (mailRoutingAddress=%0)', `bounce', `preserve')dnl
>> # LDAP Related
>> FEATURE(`ldap_routing')
>> define(`confLDAP_DEFAULT_SPEC', `-h localhost -b 
>> ou=Users,dc=mydomain,dc=com')
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> NPG Cable, Inc.
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