Cyrus IMAP, sendmail and LDAP

AJ aj at
Wed Jul 7 22:21:48 EDT 2004

Thanks, I understand, but now, how can I go about setting up 
sendmail/ldap to deliver to my cyrus server, which happens to be the 
same name as my sendmail server.. i.e.:

server name is:
my email address is:   john.smith at
I have an ldap entry for the user john.smith, and a cyrus mailbox for 
the user john.smith.
If I set up ldap w/ a mailHost of and a 
mailLocalAddress or mailRoutingAddress of john.smith at, 
won't it just loop?  How can I configure sendmail to deliver to my cyrus 
box on the same system.  Am I missing an ldap attribute?


John Arthur wrote:

> The way you have it setup now Sendmail accepts all mail before trying to
> deliver it via cyrus (just like most secondary and some primary mx servers
> do). So if I send 1000 emails to non existant users your sendmail will
> accept them all (regardless of weather they exist or not) before trying to
> deliver them to cyrus. Because I'm a spammer I've used fake return addresses
> so you now have 1000 bounces sitting in your mail queue (which Sendmail
> keeps trying to resend every hour)until they expire putting a strain on your
> resources.
> Every time I have setup LDAP routing for a domain (primarily on the mx
> servers but also on the cyrus system) it has resulted in a 80% to 90%
> reduction in mail traffic and server load.
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> Thanks.  I have reviewed the sendmail page numerous times, but my
> question is what is the difference between the way I have things set up
> now, i.e just using cyrus as a local mailer, as opposed to ldap_routing.
> I am not sure why one would go one way or the other, just trying to clarify.
> Thanks.
> AJ
> Andrzej Filip wrote:
>>AJ wrote:
>>> My setup is cyrus, sendmail and openldap for all users data.
>>>The way I have things set up now is sendmail use cyrus local mailer,
>>>and is not compile w/ LDAP support, so if a mailbox does not exist in
>>>cyrus,   it gets bounced.  Sendmail does not do user/mailbox lookups
>>>via LDAP.
>>>This seems to work ok, but on the net I have been reading most people
>>>set up sendmail to look at ldap for users, rather than cyrus.
>>>Can some people share their setups on how they implement these three
>>* LDAP ROUTING (sendmail)
>>*  Autocreate INBOX patch for Cyrus
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