Cyrus IMAP, sendmail and LDAP

Andrzej Filip anfi at
Thu Jul 8 01:49:32 EDT 2004

AJ wrote:
> Thanks.  I have reviewed the sendmail page numerous times, but my 
> question is what is the difference between the way I have things set up 
> now, i.e just using cyrus as a local mailer, as opposed to ldap_routing.
> I am not sure why one would go one way or the other, just trying to 
> clarify.

Using cyrus as local mailer makes sendmail accept messages to non existing 
cyrus mailboxes (accept now, send bounce later) UNLESS you use RTCyrus2.

I personnaly suggest keeping mailbox data in one place (LDAP). It allows to 
avoid "lost data synchronization" problem. "Inbox autocreate" patch simplifies 
further the administration.

P.S. Some spammers send "dictionary recipient" spam so "accept now, send 
bounce later" may consume a lot of your server resources and keep a lot of 
bounce messages in your server queue.

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