lmtpd rejecting valid messages

Jukka Salmi j+asg at 2004.salmi.ch
Wed Jul 7 19:19:15 EDT 2004


I'm using Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.6.

Cyrus' lmtpd seems to reject header-only messages, i.e. messages which
don't have a blank line (CRLF) after the last header line.

AFAICT such messages should be accepted, at least they're valid according
to RFC 2822.

The problem is that the MTA accepts header-only messages, delivers them to
Cyrus lmtpd which rejects them with "Message has no header/body separator",
and generates a bounce because of the delivery failure. (The original sender
probably supplied Joe's address as the envelope sender, and Joe receives
the bounce...)

Is this intended behaviour, or am I missing something?

Comments are welcome!

TIA, Jukka

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