Wang Penghui wangpenghui at
Tue Jul 13 22:32:54 EDT 2004

Hi, everyone here.

There is a question about the query via ldap pazzle me for several days.

One entry in my ldapdatabase is follow:

dn: uid=wangpenghui,ou=realss,ou=EOA,dc=eoa,dc=cn
userPassword: {MD5}kU7j0AdNFNTSlCxo92ReAg==
phpgwAccountType: u
phpgwAccountExpires: -1
homeDirectory: /home/admin
loginShell: /bin/false
cn: penghui
sn: wang
givenName: admin
uid: wangpenghui
uidNumber: 501
gidNumber: 1
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: phpgwAccount
phpgwAccountStatus: A

and the user wangpenghui's domain is
The field should be auth via ldap is wangpenghui at
How to make the ldap_filter in saslauthd.conf to make out the 
mailaddress wangpenghui at to query.
I guess maybe i should use %U and %1-9 to make out the 
wangpenghui at with uid=wangpenghui and ou=realss.

And i also have a default domain, how to solve the auth both default 
domain and virtual domains.
The default domain's field should be auth via ldap is just wangpenghui

And in of postfix, it should be also work.

My versions :

Cyrus-imapd 2.2.3
Cyrus-SASL 2.1.18
Postfix 2.0.19
OpenLDAP 2.1.26

I am blind with it now. Any response is appreciation.

Thank you very much.

Wang Penghui
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