Issue's with socketmap (smmapd) under heavy load?

Lenny rahl at
Wed Jul 14 21:06:30 EDT 2004

I did 2 things to try and see if this was ident related. First, I installed an
identd server on each frontend and backend.

That had a huge affect on my pop login times, by the way, although I'm unsure
why (for the better, that is). Unfortunately, once there were at least 100
sendmails going mail delivery still took over 30 seconds per message.

The second thing I tried was out of the faq. I added the 
to my .mc file and remade


This doesn't seem to have had any affect either. :( All strace's still show
waiting for the socketmap socket. Is there any further debugging I could do
besides an strace that might help point me in the right direction?

Thanks again.


"Wisdom is to a man an infinite Treasure" - Anonymous"

Quoting Andrzej Filip <anfi at>:

> 30s delay make ident query the primary suspect.
> 1) Take a looka at the link below
> Q3.12 -- Why do connections to the SMTP port take such a long time?
> 2) Check if you sendmail is compiled with TCPWRAPPERS
> echo "" | sendmail -bt -d0.1 | grep TCP
> TCPWRAPPERS uses external library which does its own ident lookups.

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