More info: different APPEND behavior v2.1.15 / v2.2.6

Andrew J Caird andrew.caird at
Wed Jul 14 13:57:59 EDT 2004

Hello all,
  Upon further testing, this behavior seems to have surfaced between
v2.2.3 and v2.2.4 and is also in v2.2.5 and v2.2.6.

  The changes listed between v2.2.3 and v2.2.4 aren't too extensive; the
only thing that looks like it could have impacted this behavior is:
     o All incoming messages are now staged to disk before locking the
       destination mailbox (locks are no longer held during a network

If it seems reasonable that this could be the problem, can someone point
me in the right direction to try to track this down?

Thanks a lot.
Andrew Caird
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