Cyrus-Imapd SERIOUS problem Please HELP

Sleepy Chanterelle cheetah at
Fri Jul 16 13:04:07 EDT 2004

Well thank you very Much Tony. Good point. It did work :D
Now i have another problem. I need my passwords to be somehow encrypted in the back end MySql. As far as i know pam-mysql doesnt support CRAM-MD5 encryption, so the only encryption that i could have is the encryption that i can get is the encrypt() function of Mysql ? If you know know some others please inform me.

Secondly, cyrus creates the directories using only the username, but i need to be created like username at The only thing that i tried to do is to use the virtdomains: userid in imapd.conf but again it didnt work. I want all the users to enter their full email address as it is stored in Mysql and moreover cyrus to create their directory using the username i.e username at
Any ideas ?
Thank you in advance :)

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