Problem regarding defaultdomain and virtual domains

Lenny rahl at
Thu Jul 15 13:10:48 EDT 2004

I think I may have done something very stupid here.

I have a Murder setup with virtual domains. In the beginning the defaultdomain
was "". I migrated over a dozen domains from individual servers into
Cthe Cyrus setup successfuly (about 10,000 users total). Then I came to the
last domain/server to be migrated in, which was the "" mail server.
So, I went in and changed the default domain to (another domain
we own).

This seems to have confused quite a bit. In cyradm, if I log in as
cyrus at I can see all the users. If I log in as
cyrus at, I see all the users in all the other domains. This seems
to cause a bit of a problem, as you can well imagine.

I also notice that most of the time the frontends and backends communicate with
the cyrus at user and not the cyrus at user. This is weird
because I don't have "cyrus at" in the imapd.conf's, except on the
admin line (but so is cyrus at I'm not setting the *_realm stuff
at all.

So is there a way to give control of all the accounts to
cyrus at Or have I messed something up by changing the


Lenny (who wishes he didn't volunteer to recreate an email system for 26,000+

"Wisdom is to a man an infinite Treasure" - Anonymous"

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