Feature request: Imap fileexport

Tarjei Huse tarjei at nu.no
Mon Jul 19 05:51:34 EDT 2004


Here's a request that might seem a bit strange: I'd like to export some
shared files via my imapinterface.

What I'd like to see is a simple way to add some "fileshares" to the
server so that users can browse the directories as if they were
mailfolders - with the files as mimeattachments.

This would make it easy to give users access to files remotely without
having to deal with vpn, scp or any other secure method for giving users
access to files. Of course, there are problems with the approach
described above as well - mainly that cyrus is supposed to be a blackbox
system, but I still think this approach to fileshareing should be

So, is this hard? I am not able to code this myself, so I ask for the
idea to be considered - there are probably others who would like to see
it as well.


Tarjei Huse
Bergfald & Co AS
Telefon: 23 00 05 90
Mobiltelefon: 920 63 413

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