mkimap no longer builds sievedir?

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Jul 19 12:07:02 EDT 2004

Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> Just upgraded to 2.2.6, to see if maybe it was something that broke and 
> then was fixed, but mkimap *used* to do the mkdir on the sievedir 
> directory, but no longer appears to do so?
> t2# grep -i sieve /usr/local/cyrus/bin/mkimap
> t2#
> So, of course, on a new install, if someone tries to add a filter, there 
> is no directory to put it in, nor permissions to create that directory :(
> Is there a reason why it was removed?  Any chance of having it put back 
> again?

All of the subdirs are now created on the fly by the services (you'll 
notice that all of the hash directory crap is also gone from mkimap). 
So as long as the cyrus user has permissions to create sievedir, it 
along with the hash directories and user directories will be created as 

I just tested this myself (again) on a clean system.

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