Please Help Me Fix My Goofy Problem

Paul Gargan pgargan at
Tue Jul 20 09:28:49 EDT 2004

Java Rockx wrote:
> It does not work when using Outlook or Outlook
> Express. When using either of these mail clients, the
> "recieved date" never seems to match the message
> headers, but rather shows when the actual mail message
> was migrated.


We had a similar problem (same sync tool, same issue) at our site recently.

Outlook apparantly displays the "Received" date, which in turn is 
calculated by the IMAP server based on when the mail arrived.
Thus all mails moved during your sync appear to be only recently 
arrived, and thus there received dates are messed up.

You have two options.

One is to change Outlook to dsplay the "Sent" field, and sort by this 
date. Unfortunately, you have to do it for every folder view, and the 
Sent columns will initially be null until you force Outlook to 
redownload all the message headers.

An easier option is to re-run the sync, but ask imapsync to preserve 
Received ("internal") dates via the --syncinternaldates command line switch.

Hope this helps.
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