libwrap compiled into Cyrus IMAPd

ML mail mlnospam at
Tue Jul 20 10:50:12 EDT 2004


Sorry for posting my message again but I still didn't
find any solutions on how to get libwrap compiled in
Cyrus IMAPd and didn't have any answers. 

The problem is still the same: I am trying in vain to
get libwrap activated in Cyrus IMAPd. I am using Cyrus
IMAPd 2.2.6, Cyrus SASL 2.1.18 on OpenBSD 3.5. And
here is my configure command:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/cyrus-imapd
--with-openssl --with-sasl=/usr/local/sasl2

configure then simply reports that it didn't find
libwrap and if I have a look in the generated
config.log I can see the following error:

/usr/lib/ undefined reference to
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to

I searched on google and try to set some env variables
but nothing still this error... I can't imagine it's
NOT possible to compile Cyrus IMAPd with libwrap, or
is there a bug or something ? Can anyone help please ?

Many thanks

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