Imap mailbox aliases (two names for the same box)

Scott Adkins adkinss at
Tue Jul 20 13:58:55 EDT 2004

The solution we opted for was to patch Sendmail to make it work :)
I have an "lmtp" patch that doesn't drop the stuff after the + in the
address, and it also does not mess with the case with anything after
the +.  I implemented as a mailer flag, so including a 'W' in the
cyrus mailer flags triggers the code to work.

I can post it if you are interested...

I have tried working with the m4 code in the file to make
that same functionality work without having to patch sendmail.  I have
yet been able to succeed.

Does anyone have a sample config file (other than CMU :->) that works?
CMU's code was so complex I couldn't figure it out.  Basically, I got all
of their config files, and they do a lot in their environment, so it was
like looking for a needle in a hay stack :)


--On Tuesday, July 20, 2004 6:39 PM +0200 Ghislain ADNET <gadnet at> 

> Hello,
>    I know some of you had the problem of the mailbox with an upper case
> that are not recognized when goign through sendmail.
>    For exemple writing to me+Support at is translated
> me+support at
>    My problem is Thunderbird use Junk, Trash Sent name boxes etc... and
> have special icons to show those folders that permit easy identification
> of the folder by mundane users. But i cannot forward to uppercase adress
> folders so i have to choose between :
> 1/ use sent instead of Sent and forget about the special icon in
> thunderbird and mozilla
> 2/ find a way to create an alias at the server level between Sent and
> sent (so basicaly only one folder for two names)
>    Do any of you have a solution for the second solution ?
> best regards,
> Ghislain.
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