Imap mailbox aliases (two names for the same box)

Luca Olivetti luca at
Thu Jul 22 04:03:36 EDT 2004

Ghislain ADNET wrote:
>> Don't know which version of thunderbird/mozilla you are using, but in 
>> the current one (and in any previous one starting from Netscape 
>> communicator 4.x) I have a lowercase sent folder and I do have the 
>> special icon (btw, mozilla shows it with an uppercase name) and 
>> everything works fine. In fact I use 'sent' for historical reasons: 
>> you can use *any* name (e.g. I use localized names for templates and 
>> drafts).
>> Only you have to remember to configure mozilla/thunderbird to use your 
>> folders (with thunderbird: tools->account settings->copies & folders, 
>> select "other" and select the imap folder you want to use for sent, 
>> drafts and templates, with mozilla is the same but "account settings" 
>> is under the "edit" menu)
> i use thunderbird 0.7.2 and other people here use mozilla 1.7.1 . For my 
> part my folder "junk" has not the special icon , if i put Junk then i 
> have it. Also a user cannot change the name of the folder you must do it 
> on the server and resubscribe to use it again (the rename menu icon do 
> not show on those folders). On a large userbase you see why i wish to 
> change this on the server side and not on the client :)
>   So i don't know why we have different behaviors but this is my 
> experience here :)

First you were talking about the "sent" folder and the settings I showed 
you will allow you to select *any* folder with *any* name for sent, 
drafts and templates. I usually disable junk mail filtering in mozilla 
(I have amavis-new+spamassassin taking care of spam on the server), but 
I enabled it just to test what you are saying and in "Junk mail control" 
you can select *any* folder for junk mail (I selected "spam" and it 
showed the junk mail icon, you have to collapse and expand the folders 
tree to see the new icons).
The key is to select *other* and not sent/drafts/templates/junk in those 

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