Imap mailbox aliases (two names for the same box)

Ghislain ADNET gadnet at
Thu Jul 22 11:24:40 EDT 2004

> First you were talking about the "sent" folder and the settings I showed 
> you will allow you to select *any* folder with *any* name for sent, 
> drafts and templates. I usually disable junk mail filtering in mozilla 
> (I have amavis-new+spamassassin taking care of spam on the server), but 
> I enabled it just to test what you are saying and in "Junk mail control" 
> you can select *any* folder for junk mail (I selected "spam" and it 
> showed the junk mail icon, you have to collapse and expand the folders 
> tree to see the new icons).
> The key is to select *other* and not sent/drafts/templates/junk in those 
> preferences.
> Bye

  sent,junk trash etc are the same in this regards this is just my redirection is spamc that sent to user+Junk folder so 
i used it in my exemple.

I retried it and i got the icon now, i got to restart to have them back on the top of the list but the icons are ok with 
a simple collapse (!!).  seems that i was not enough patient to have them (or any other mistake possible..). Thanks for 
the tip this was the only thing i ever had against this mail client (it should be installed on Windows by default ;) )

   This is a good thing to know for future users. For all others i would love also to be able to alias the mailbox at 
the server level (without using sieve) but it does not seems possible :(

best regards,
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