Imap mailbox aliases (two names for the same box)

Lars Peterson lars at
Thu Jul 29 18:13:46 EDT 2004

On Thu, July 22, 2004 10:24 am, Ghislain ADNET wrote:
>> First you were talking about the "sent" folder and the settings I
>> showed you will allow you to select *any* folder with *any* name
>> for sent, drafts and templates. I usually disable junk mail
>> filtering in mozilla (I have amavis-new+spamassassin taking care
>> of spam on the server), but I enabled it just to test what you are
>> saying and in "Junk mail control" you can select *any* folder for
>> junk mail (I selected "spam" and it showed the junk mail icon, you
>> have to collapse and expand the folders tree to see the new
>> icons).
>> The key is to select *other* and not sent/drafts/templates/junk in
>> those preferences.
>> Bye
>   sent,junk trash etc are the same in this regards this is just my
>   redirection is spamc that sent to user+Junk folder so
> i used it in my exemple.
> I retried it and i got the icon now, i got to restart to have them
> back on the top of the list but the icons are ok with a simple
> collapse (!!).  seems that i was not enough patient to have them
> (or any other mistake possible..). Thanks for the tip this was the
> only thing i ever had against this mail client (it should be
> installed on Windows by default ;) )
>    This is a good thing to know for future users. For all others i
>    would love also to be able to alias the mailbox at
> the server level (without using sieve) but it does not seems
> possible :(
> best regards,
> Ghislain.
> ---

I would also like to mailbox aliasing at the server level.

I administer a cyrus imapd system that was designed before the advent of 
virtual domains. To accomodate multiple domains on one server, the
mailboxes were created in the format of "".

What I'm looking for now is the ability to give "user1" a way to configure
his/her POP3/IMAP mail client so that the "" portion
wouldn't be required.

How hard would implementing something like this be?



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