Problem getting email posted to a virtual mailbox domain

Martin Haywood martin at
Tue Jul 20 20:19:45 EDT 2004

Actually this morning I realise that what I've written isn't right, I 
was getting confused by some old test files from one of many previous 
attempts.  So here goes:
   -- Mail to default domain user 'myuid' gets stored in 
/var/spool/imap/user/myuid and is correctly picked up by a pop login.
   -- Mail to otheruid at myvdomain doesn't get stored in 
/var/spool/imap/domain/myvdomain/user/otheruid although the dir exists. 
I don't know where if anywhere it ends up.

So I guess that's the problem. What should I set postfix's 
virtual_mailbox_base to, and what should I set cyrus's 
partition-default to?  What owners should these dirs have? It seems 
obvious postfix shouldn't point to /var/mail although that's what all 
the documentation seems to say. I've gone around and around this, which 
is why my previous message was so confused (and posted 2.30am local 

Thanks in advance

On 21/07/2004, at 2:19, Martin Haywood wrote:

> I am using cyrus on freeBSD 5.2 with postfix.
> Mail to default domain seems to work ok. Mail to virtual mailbox user 
> 'example at' gets put in '/var/mail/', but logging 
> in with pop or imap doesn't retrieve the mail.  There's no error 
> messages during delivery or pop login.
> I have postfix with virtual_mailbox_maps showing example at  as 
> mapping to /var/mail/ so I can see how the mail reaches 
> that place, but no combination of imapd.conf settings that I've tried 
> seems to let cyrus find it there. Maybe it's a stupid question, but I 
> somehow don't understand how to set partition-default so that it works 
> without permission errors -- it was set to /var/spool/imap which 
> contained user/ and domain/ but I can't see how to mesh these with 
> /var/mail/
> It may be rather dumb of me but I've spent a lot of hours trying a lot 
> of permutations of directories etc. without getting this to work, so 
> even if it's obvious I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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