sasl problem (sigh)

Ian Hunter ihunter at
Tue Jul 20 15:59:37 EDT 2004

I was utterly convinced this was a postfix issue, but now I'm utterly
convinced this is a saslauthd issue.

Oh, go ahead and flame away if this is not an appropriate forum for
saslauthd config problems, but after you've torched me, refer me to the
right place :)

I am running Redhat 9 with cyrus-sasl-2.1.18-5 that I installed from an RPM.
I can make testsaslauthd work every time, hence my prior belief that this
was a postfix issue.  My problem is that when the postfix smtpd daemon makes
to call to the sasl library and and it connects to the saslauthd socket at
/var/run/saslauthd/mux, and submits correct authentication parameters, it
gets a "NO" when testsaslauthd from the command line gets an "OK."

As I said, testsaslauthd from the command line is working peachy, and the
way I know so much about the connections on behalf of the postfix smtpd
daemon is I ran an strace, and got this stuff:

First, happy stuff:

[root at charlie root]# testsaslauthd -u ihunter -p noyb -f
0: OK "Success."

Now, unhappy stuff:

Jul 20 14:57:29 charlie logger: connect(15, {sa_family=AF_UNIX,
path="/var/run/saslauthd/mux"}, 110) = 0
Jul 20 14:57:29 charlie logger: write(15, "ihunter\0noyb\0", 17)    = 17
Jul 20 14:57:29 charlie logger: read(15, "\0\3NO ", 1023)               = 5

(if you're checking the lengths of strings, I changed my password to "none
of your business" above)


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