v2.1.14 freeze from LIST "" %

SideWinder sidewinder at kolumbus.fi
Fri Jul 23 14:32:27 EDT 2004

At 16:49 23.7.2004, Rob Siemborski wrote:
>Are you sure this is actually going across the wire?  This is a new one.

Yes, just tested over a terminal connection:
* OK IMAP4 Ready ******* 0001dcc5
00000 LOGIN ******** ****************
00000 OK You are so in
00001 LIST "" %

It might be related that when problems began (and since they have returned 
and vanished intermittently, sometimes only affecting one of the two 
accounts), there were some additional Shared Folders added from the server 
side (meaning that I did nothing to configure those myself). Also, for 
brief periods of time the server returned "NO System I/O error" to "SELECT 

If there is not any known bug in Cyrus that could cause this (and it's an 
old version so it would have to be a deep one), then the most likely 
explanation is just file system/drive error in the server. I'm just not 
very convinced with the "both accounts passed all tests" report from the ISP.

But thanks for just confirming that this is a "new one".


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