Postfix cyrus virtual mailbox domains problem

Martin Haywood martin at
Thu Jul 22 08:46:27 EDT 2004

By chance I see what may be causing this :)  A ps listing just when the 
pop3d is
running shows it's missing the "@my_v_domain.tld" part of the user 
name.  So
I wonder how to get it passed through without being dropped off.  I 
think I saw
something about it somewhere.

On 22/07/2004, at 22:12, Martin Haywood wrote:

> It's that easy if it works!  Hmmm...  thanks for the advice though, 
> because it's
> taken me one step closer.  I've set mailbox transport as you suggest, 
> and put
> the cyrus stuff back into /var/spool/imap where it belongs, plus 
> cleaned up
> the postfix locations in /var/mail.  Lo and behold messages appear in
> /var/mail/my_v_domain.tld/username as they should (unix format, 
> catenated
> in a file).
> But...  still messages are not being found by cyrus popd and imapd and
> delivered.  :(
Martin <martin at>

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