Mailbox has an invalid format on 2.1.16

Eddy Beliveau eddy.beliveau at
Mon Jul 26 10:40:29 EDT 2004

> On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, Eddy Beliveau wrote:
>Subject: Re: Mailbox has an invalid format on 2.1.16
> ... snip ... 
> > The cyradm's reconstruct command is not working correctly (which seems to be the case)
> > Still trying to find a remote solution
> > Any hints ?

To which "Rob Siemborski" <rjs3 at> reply:
> Looking at cmd_reconstruct in imapd.c may be illuminating, as would
> tracing what is different about what it executes vs what you execute.  It
> looks like there might be an internal/external mailbox name issue.

Hi! Rob,

Many thanks for your reply

I'm not very familiar wich C, so I will try to install cyrus 2.2.6 and see if it work correctly

Thanks again,
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