where are the scripts and the program managesieve

jean-Noël Chardron Jean-Noel.Chardron at dr15.cnrs.fr
Fri Jul 23 10:28:26 EDT 2004


i installed on a linux host 
postfix+cyrus-imap+cyrus-sasl+mySql+web-cyradm and it has been running 
nice for 6 month now. thanks for the developer team.

now it is coming the holidays' time  and the users would like a vacation 
I have a look to the doc, I find sieve that can do the job, I test it : 
it's ok.

But I have a problem and a question :

The problem : when i use installsieve or sieveshell : It report :
Can't locate Cyrus/SIEVE/managesieve.pm in @INC ...
So, where is this perl program and how to install it ?

The question :
I see in the doc that for local user the sieve scripts are in the .sieve 
file in home directory but the system have any local user. All users are 
in a mySql database
and their mail folders or files are in /var/spool/imap/user.
I would like to know where are  the sieve scripts for the users on the 
system ?


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