Cyrus performance with IMP versus logged-in mail clients

Aidan Evans ae at
Fri Jul 23 16:16:52 EDT 2004

  I sent this Thursday but it has not appeared on the list yet.  It occurs
to me this may be because I sent it from my current address which is not
the same one I subscribed to INFO-CYRUS with.  Thus I have now subscribed
my current address and removed the old subscription, and am sending the
messaage again.

  Does anyone have any comments on the performance of Cyrus IMAP (2.1.15)
using the IMP webmail client with a large number of simultaneous users
versus with "conventional" mail clients?  In our case the objective is to
handle about 2,000 simultaneous IMP users.

  My main concern is that with IMP each transaction, e.g., reading a mail
message, requires a new connection and login to the IMAP server.
Conventional mail clients tend to stay logged in and don't incur the
overhead of answering the new connection and re-authenticating the user for
every operation.

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