UoA patches for Cyrus imap 2.2.7 are out.

Aristotelis arisg at noc.uoa.gr
Tue Jul 27 13:43:34 EDT 2004

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Simon Matter wrote:

> Hi Aristotelis,

  Hello Simon,

> I updated my rpms this morning. My updated autocreate patch looks little
> different. Now my question, does it matter and if - which one is correct?

 With a quick look: 

  The correct is the one with the line : 
        r = mboxlist_detail(inboxname, &type, NULL, &server, &acl, NULL);
instead of:
        r = mboxlist_detail(inboxname, &type, NULL, &server, NULL, NULL);

 However the patch works[1] either way (in the case with the NULL not so 
smootly though). If you have the NULL there then there are 2 cases:
1) you don't have popuseacl in imapd.conf or is 0 (default behaviour). In this 
case it doesn't matter which version you have.
2) If you use popuseacl in the imapd.conf. Then the mailbox is created
but the user gets an error. Checking again for email then everything 
works ok. 

 Anyhow I added the &acl as you noticed, and i just uploaded 
a new version of the patch.
(in the url: http://email.uoa.gr/projects/cyrus/autocreate/index.html)

   Thanks a lot,

[1] (i.e the inbox folder is created)
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