migrating from maildir (courier) to cyrus

Andrew Caird a_caird at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 28 14:37:57 EDT 2004

--- Vadim <vadim at kutsyy.com> wrote:

> I am looking for some documentation on how to transfer
> mail from maildir format (courier) to cyrus. I tried to
> look for it in documentations/archives but I only found
> mbox->cyrus and cyrus->maildir.
> I am currently running exim4/procmail/courier setup on
> Debian box.  It serves as a mail server for a few users
> with large amount of mail.  Some of the folders have
> nearly 10,000 messages.  Courier works very good on 
> small folders but have problem on larger one (and it is
> old computer with only 32Mb RAM).  My understanding is
> that cyrus would perform much better due to
> indexing/database used by cyrus, am I correct?

  You might want to read the notes at:
and you might also try using mailutil from the UW Pine
distribution; I'm not sure if it handles maildir style
inputs, but it's pretty robust, so if it does, it's worth
  Also, Cyrus is certainly better at handling large
mailboxes than most everything else out there, but 32MB of
RAM might not be enough for it.
  As a side note, what are the lower limits of memory/CPU
that people have run the Cyrus IMAP server on?
  Good luck.

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