Howto verify successful upgrade from 2.1.16 Invoca RPM to 2.2.7 Invoca RPM

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu Jul 29 01:30:02 EDT 2004

> The subject says it all, I have upgraded to 2.2.7 Invoca RPM where I was
> running 2.1.16 Invoca RPM.
> How can I verify that the databases we successfully converted?
> Everything seems to work just fine as far as I can tell.

The only issue I know, as the creator of those rpms, are possible problems
with sieve scripts not being properly converted to UTF8. On upgrade, sieve
scripts are compiled, if that fails, they are converted to UTF8 (that's
the main reason for not being compiled properly), and then they are
compiled again.

However, I never got a report of someone upgrading from 2.1.x to 2.2.x
using the rpms who had a problem, even the one described above.

If you're still not convinced, chk_cyrus and quota -f may be your friends.


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