Please help with Simon's Cyrus RPMS (2.2.8), SMP, and really slow performance

mgrommet at mgrommet at
Sat Jul 31 11:33:56 EDT 2004

> More recent kernel versions have improved memory management and I
> wouldn't  have expected RH ES 3.0 to be affected. What does top tell
> you? Does the  load get high? How much CPU time do the kernel tasks use
> up?
> --

Top shows zero load on the machine (its just sitting there running cyrus,
its not even hooked up to sendmail yet).

Memory usage on beefy machine (from top):

Mem:  1028484k av, 1004088k used,   24396k free,       0k shrd,
167496k buff    432436k actv  9108k in_d  16640k in_c
Swap: 2096472k av,  0k used, 2096472k free  555096k cached

Memory usage on cruddy machine:

Mem:   642776k av,  619512k used,   23264k free,       0k shrd,
155808k buff 471552k actv, 0k in_d, 8888k in_c
Swap: 2096472k av,  837572k used, 1258900k free 254812k cached

Does this information help?  What other info can I provide?

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