OT: Mail delivery problems.

Oliver Jones oliver at deeper.co.nz
Sat Jan 3 23:03:58 EST 2004

> First of all, I don't think this has set your CyrusV2 mailer as local. There is 
> a FEATURE for doing just that, if you must use it. Secondly, man, that path is 

You are correct.  You have to set confLOCAL_MAILER (or whatever) to
cyrusv2.  I forgot to do that.

> awfully long. I'm not saying that something will not work, just that it looks 
> ugly. Consider installing under custom paths. On Tru64 UNIX I use 
> "/usr/opt/Cyrus-IMAP-2.1.15" for program and config files and 
> "/var/opt/Cyrus-IMAP-2.1.15" for maildir, cyrus config and sockets. Just a 
> sugestion.

Yes I know it's long and ugly.  I'm running RHEL 2.1 ES on the server
and I wanted to put the package in /usr/local/.  I don't have an opt
partition.  /opt isn't very common on Linux systems I don't imagine as
most systems run primarily with rpm or deb package management. 
Historically I've always put things I build from source in /usr/local.

> As expected - "example.com" is not local domain and the sender was not 
> explicitely allowed to relay, either by "/etc/mail/relay-domains" or Access 
> Table map.

Anyway.  What I did was just add "example.com RELAY" back into
/etc/mail/access and everything works.  I think I got my head around the
issue.  Because I need sendmail to deliver mail to the LMTP socket with
the @fqdn.com attached (for virtual domain support in cyrus) I need
sendmail to treat cyrus as a non-local delivery option.  Hence the use
of mailertable et al.  And hence why setting up cyrus as the local
mailer didn't work either as sendmail was stripping the @fqdn.com before
delivering to the LMTP socket.

There are probably other ways to skin the cat.  This one seems to work

There are no "local" mail accounts on the server so the only locally
delivered mail should be for root and that's be aliased to a user on a
different host.

Oliver Jones <oliver at deeper.co.nz>
Deeper Design Limited

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