Autodelete of old mails

Craig Ringer craig at
Thu Jan 8 11:17:11 EST 2004

Ramprasad A Padmanabhan wrote:
> But what happens if you get corrupt mailboxes because in the dead of the
> night the partition run out of disk space

Tricky. I'm just not used to the idea of the server being /able/ to run 
out of disk space ; my Cyrus mail spools are now on a separate volume 
that always has several gigs of free space. It can be dynamically grown 
while mounted read/write (I love reiserfs + lvm) and I get email alerts 
if it's filling up. Combine this with a 512/128 ADSL link that puts a 
very finite limit on the amount of mail we can recieve from outside the 
business, and it's rather unlikely to fill up.

I can see how this could be different with a larger server, less 
predictable loads, and a faster 'net connection. I take it that 
significantly over-provisioning storage for the mail spools is not an 

> or because there is some one accessing using pop over a very slow link
> which  breaks off every now and then

Interesting. I don't have remote POP3 users, so I have little experience 
there. Many of my remote IMAPs users are using 56k however, and I 
haven't seen any problems with that.

I would think that a mailbox left in a corrupt state after a failed POP3 
session would indicate a problem with Cyrus's pop3d, but perhaps there's 
something I'm not understanding going on.

> I am thinking of a hack in the ipurge source with another commandline
> option 
> something like
> ipurge -f -d 30  --skipuntil 'user/someuser' 
> Is that feasible

I don't know; sorry. Might it not be simpler overall, however, to give 
ipurge the ability to skip corrupt mailboxes and move on to the next one?

Craig Ringer

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