nntp fiddling

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Sun Jan 4 19:15:09 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Would you want to feed to all of the servers, or just one?  Currently, 
> fetchnews and nntpd are only setup to have one upstream peer.

Yes, I would want to feed messages back to all the servers.

> Actually fetchnews can work with any server you want, but it doesn't 
> keep track of the groups by server.  So, as long as there isn't any 
> intersection of the groups your are fetching from the servers, your 
> won't have a problem.  If anybody thinks that fetching the same groups 
> from different servers is necessary, I can tweak the fetchnews.db format 
> to handle this (I think).

There is no overlap between the groups from the different servers, and 
grouping them is easy with wildcard matching:

everything else

> Until I add POST support, you could set a news2mail annotation on the 
> groups that you want to feed upstream and then use lmtp2nntp

OK, I will look at that as well. My outbound message volume is very 
light, so I don't need anything very complicated to handle it.

> The "news" folders are no different from "email" folders.  You can feed 
> them via NNTP and serve them via IMAP or feed them via LMTP and serve 
> them via NNTP (or any other combo).  SquirrelMail shouldn't have any 
> problem serving up your newsgroups.

Very nice! That means that once I have this done I'll be able access all 
four of my mailboxes and all the newsgroups I participate in from 
anywhere on the Internet... life will be sweet :-)

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