nntp fiddling

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Sun Jan 4 20:10:25 EST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Would you want to feed to all of the servers, or just one?  Currently, 
>> fetchnews and nntpd are only setup to have one upstream peer.
> Yes, I would want to feed messages back to all the servers.
>> Actually fetchnews can work with any server you want, but it doesn't 
>> keep track of the groups by server.  So, as long as there isn't any 
>> intersection of the groups your are fetching from the servers, your 
>> won't have a problem.  If anybody thinks that fetching the same groups 
>> from different servers is necessary, I can tweak the fetchnews.db 
>> format to handle this (I think).
> There is no overlap between the groups from the different servers, and 
> grouping them is easy with wildcard matching:
> cups.*
> microsoft.*
> infragistics.*
> everything else

OK, so you need the newspeer option to be a *list* of peers?  But you 
*don't* need fetchnews to track the newsgroups by host?

>> Until I add POST support, you could set a news2mail annotation on the 
>> groups that you want to feed upstream and then use lmtp2nntp
> OK, I will look at that as well. My outbound message volume is very 
> light, so I don't need anything very complicated to handle it.

I'm working on POST support right now.  First I have to amend tha syntax 
of the newspeer option to flag it for POST instead of IHAVE.  I'm 
currently thinking the syntax will be this (since it is easy to parse):


Note that I had to change the delimiter of the wildmat from ':' to '/' 
(but the old form host[:wildmat] will still be parsed).

So basically, a '@' preceding the host forces the use of POST with 
optional authentication.  If there isn't a preceding '@' then IHAVE is 
used.  The logic being that feeders don't normally (if ever) 
authenticate to each other (at least not with user/pass).

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