nntp fiddling

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Sun Jan 18 13:37:59 EST 2004

Nils Vogels wrote:
> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> Ken Murchison wrote:
>>>> There is no overlap between the groups from the different servers, 
>>>> and grouping them is easy with wildcard matching:
>>>> cups.*
>>>> microsoft.*
>>>> infragistics.*
>>>> everything else
>>> OK, so you need the newspeer option to be a *list* of peers?  But you 
>>> *don't* need fetchnews to track the newsgroups by host?
>> Forgive my inability to answer that at this point, I haven't studied 
>> the Cyrus NNTP support documentation yet. Here is what I like to do:
>> (A) mirror about a dozen newsgroups from news.west.cox.net (my ISP, 
>> Usenet groups)
>> (B) mirror about a dozen newsgroups from news.microsoft.com (public 
>> NNTP server)
>> (C) mirror six newsgroups from news.easysw.com (public NNTP server)
>> (D) mirror about ten newsgroups from news.infragistics.com (public 
>> NNTP server)
>> I read _and_ post to most of these groups. No single group comes from 
>> more than one place, though, each group has only a single server that 
>> I will use to get and post messages for that group.
> Kevin, may I ask how you managed to get multiple groups using one 
> fetchnews command ?
> I've been trying comma delimited group names (fetchnews -n -w 
> "nl.test,nl.someother" news.myisp.nl) but for some reason no articles 
> are fetched then. If I use space delimitations, only the first group works.
> fetchnews(8) isn't too clear about this, I'm afraid and when I look at 
> example wildmats in imapd.conf(5) I see comma seperated grouplists 
> ("peer.example.com:*,!control.*, at local.*")

Your reading of fetchnews(8) is correct, but apparently this syntax is 
new to the NNTP update draft.  Both LIST ACTIVE and the wildmat format 
have not been formalized up until now.  I tried this against INN 2.3.4 
and it doesn't support comma-separated (or space separated) wildmat 
patterns (which really sucks).  For the time being, you'll have to use 
separate fetchnews commands rather than specifiying multiple wildmats in 
one command.  For example, instead of:

fetchnews -n -w "nl.test,nl.someother" news.myisp.nl


fetchnews -n -w "nl.test" news.myisp.nl
fetchnews -n -w "nl.someother" news.myisp.nl

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