nntp fiddling

Nils Vogels nivo at yuckfou.org
Wed Jan 28 12:59:33 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Nils Vogels wrote:
>> I've been trying comma delimited group names (fetchnews -n -w 
>> "nl.test,nl.someother" news.myisp.nl) but for some reason no articles 
>> are fetched then. If I use space delimitations, only the first group 
>> works.
>> fetchnews(8) isn't too clear about this, I'm afraid and when I look 
>> at example wildmats in imapd.conf(5) I see comma seperated grouplists 
>> ("peer.example.com:*,!control.*, at local.*")
> Your reading of fetchnews(8) is correct, but apparently this syntax is 
> new to the NNTP update draft.  Both LIST ACTIVE and the wildmat format 
> have not been formalized up until now.  I tried this against INN 2.3.4 
> and it doesn't support comma-separated (or space separated) wildmat 
> patterns (which really sucks).  For the time being, you'll have to use 
> separate fetchnews commands rather than specifiying multiple wildmats 
> in one command.  For example, instead of:
> fetchnews -n -w "nl.test,nl.someother" news.myisp.nl
> do:
> fetchnews -n -w "nl.test" news.myisp.nl
> fetchnews -n -w "nl.someother" news.myisp.nl
This works, I'm now running a shell script which fetches all the groups 
I want, invoking fetchnews in serial for each group.

There seems to be a completion issue however using the reader mode:

I am grabbing a newsgroup (nl.internet.providers in this case) using 
Cyrus, and since this is only a test, I've kept my other environment, 
which is a mailman-2.1.3 install with nntp gatewaying, running.

They are both querying the same newsserver, however, mailman sees all 
the articles that Cyrus sees, and more. Cyrus does not get all the 
messages all the time, which, I hope, is not the way it's supposed to 
work ;-)

Is this a known problem ?



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