nntp fiddling

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Wed Jan 28 13:54:29 EST 2004

Nils Vogels wrote:
> Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Nils Vogels wrote:
>>> I've been trying comma delimited group names (fetchnews -n -w 
>>> "nl.test,nl.someother" news.myisp.nl) but for some reason no articles 
>>> are fetched then. If I use space delimitations, only the first group 
>>> works.
>>> fetchnews(8) isn't too clear about this, I'm afraid and when I look 
>>> at example wildmats in imapd.conf(5) I see comma seperated grouplists 
>>> ("peer.example.com:*,!control.*, at local.*")
>> Your reading of fetchnews(8) is correct, but apparently this syntax is 
>> new to the NNTP update draft.  Both LIST ACTIVE and the wildmat format 
>> have not been formalized up until now.  I tried this against INN 2.3.4 
>> and it doesn't support comma-separated (or space separated) wildmat 
>> patterns (which really sucks).  For the time being, you'll have to use 
>> separate fetchnews commands rather than specifiying multiple wildmats 
>> in one command.  For example, instead of:
>> fetchnews -n -w "nl.test,nl.someother" news.myisp.nl
>> do:
>> fetchnews -n -w "nl.test" news.myisp.nl
>> fetchnews -n -w "nl.someother" news.myisp.nl
> This works, I'm now running a shell script which fetches all the groups 
> I want, invoking fetchnews in serial for each group.
> There seems to be a completion issue however using the reader mode:
> I am grabbing a newsgroup (nl.internet.providers in this case) using 
> Cyrus, and since this is only a test, I've kept my other environment, 
> which is a mailman-2.1.3 install with nntp gatewaying, running.
> They are both querying the same newsserver, however, mailman sees all 
> the articles that Cyrus sees, and more. Cyrus does not get all the 
> messages all the time, which, I hope, is not the way it's supposed to 
> work ;-)
> Is this a known problem ?

If this was a known problem, I would have fixed it  ;)

How is mailman fetching the articles?  I'd be interested in seeing the 
NNTP telemetry of both (run simultaneously).

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