nntp fiddling

Nils Vogels nivo at yuckfou.org
Fri Jan 16 08:30:12 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Nils Vogels wrote:
>> Muchos gracias ;-)
>> I will try this ASAP! Could you tell me, where I can find the new 
>> fetchnews? Is it in CVS?
> Yes.
>> I also had a sucknews (but then in reverse) to grab the posts done on 
>> the Cyrus newsserver to be fed towards USENET, since my provider only 
>> allows me to use the POST command, and from what I recall, Cyrus uses 
>> IHAVE ? (Could be a little bit off here, not sure anymore).
> Yes, it uses IHAVE.  I can take a look at adding support for POST (the 
> commands are almost identical).  Does your provider also require you 
> to authenticate?
Sorry I bailed out there, got cought in this thing called IRL :)

I've just installed 2.2.3 with new fetchnews, and am kinda stuck ;)

I've created a new partition for news, and adapted the config to have 
the newsuser set etc, and while this was running smoothly using lmtp 
inject (via suck), I'm having some issues trying to get this to work 
using fetchnews.

Fetchnews works fine, I can see articles flying around when tcpdumping 
while fetchnews is running, fetchnews.db is being updated and all, but 
for some reason, the articles do not show up in my new partition.

I'm trying nl.test from my upstream, and this is my current setup:

  # these are only necessary if receiving/exporting usenet via NNTP
  nntp          cmd="nntpd"  listen="nntp" prefork=0
  nntps         cmd="nntpd -s" listen="nntps" prefork=0

partition-news: /disk/3/cyrus/news
###newsspool: /var/spool/news
newsprefix: news
newspostuser: usenet
newspeer: news.myisp.nl

localhost> info news.nl.test
  expire: 7
  lastupdate: 16-Jan-2004 14:11:10 +0100
  partition: news
  size: 0
localhost> lam news.nl.test
anyone lrsp

imhotep# telnet 0 119
Connected to 0.
Escape character is '^]'.
200 post.is-root.com Cyrus NNTP v2.2.3 server ready, posting allowed
480 Authentication required
authinfo user <snip>
381 Give AUTHINFO PASS command
authinfo pass <snip>
281 User logged in
500 Unrecognized command
list newsgroups
215 List of newsgroups follows:
group nl.test
211 0 1 0 nl.test
article 1
423 No such article in this newsgroup
article 0
423 No such article in this newsgroup
205 Connection closing

Thanks for reading this far :)

Iam trying to fetch news with:

/usr/local/cyrus/bin/fetchnews -n -u user -p password -w nl.test 

The process works, updates the watermarks, and then exits with status 0, 
but unfortunately, no articles are being injected into Cyrus.

Is there a very obvious step I am missing ? Where should I look for more 
hints ?



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