please explain

Bob Lockie mlj at
Sat Jan 3 18:06:53 EST 2004

What is the difference between the home_mailbox and the

# The home_mailbox parameter specifies the optional pathname of a
# mailbox file relative to a user's home directory. The default
# mailbox file is /var/spool/mail/user or /var/mail/user.  Specify
# "Maildir/" for qmail-style delivery (the / is required).
/var/spool/mail/user is not a relative path so is the documentation

# The mail_spool_directory parameter specifies the directory where
# UNIX-style mailboxes are kept. The default setting depends on the
# system type.

When mail arrives to the smtp server, it is stored in the

If home_mailbox and mail_spool_directory are mutually exclusive (as I
suspect) then why the seperate parameters?

# The queue_directory specifies the location of the Postfix queue.
# This is also the root directory of Postfix daemons that run chrooted.
# See the files in examples/chroot-setup for setting up Postfix chroot
# environments on different UNIX systems.

The queue_directory is only for sending mail?

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